1. Greetings

  • Kau-tech Co., LTD. was founded in 1990 when artificial marble was first introduced in Korea and it has grown into specialty company with the history of artificial marble to this point.

    The company is proud of its highest work competency, know-how and excellence in product as the cooperation company for largest construction companies and kitchen fixture companies.

    We, Kau-tech, have been recognized as the best among the domestic artificial marble makers with respect to the sales scale and quality in kitchen top, washing facet, door sill, window seat, walls, counter in kitchen and other parts of interior fields.

    The company is commitment to be partner for you with our best effort in the company motto of "Reliability and Creativity".

2. Company Status

  • Representative Director : Sung Yang-je
    Trade Name : Kautech Co., Ltd.
    Address : 133-2 Maesan-ri, Mohyeon-myeon, Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
    Major Product
    Artificial marble : Kitchen plate, Wall, Counter, Window seat, Door seal, Washing stand
    Natural marble : kitchen table, Wall, Counter, Window seat, Washing facet, Resin sink bowl, PMC sink bowl

3. Company History

  • Jul. 1990Founded Kau Industries (Representative : Sung Yang-je)
  • Feb. 1991Established artificial mable stone plant
  • Jul. 1999Converted Kau-Tech Co., Ltd. (Representative director : Sung Yang-je)
    Paid capital of 300 million won
  • Nov. 2000Paid capital of 300 million won (capital increase of 200million won)
  • Apr. 2002Installed V-grooving, bowl sutting line
    Installed the filter dust collecting facilities in Plant 2
    Moved the head office and plant (current location)
  • May.Certified and won for Clean Business Premises by the MOCIE (2nd in the nation)
  • Aug.Entered into agency contract for Staron with Cheil Textile Co., Ltd.
  • Mar. 2003Paid capital of 400 million won
  • Dec. 2005Selected as the Best Partner by Credit Guaranty Fund
  • Nov. 2007Entered into agency contracy for Khan Stone with Hanwha L&C
  • Mar. 2009Get a membership of specialized construction business association
  • Jan. 2010Increased capital by 400 million won (Paid capital of 800 million won)
  • Oct. 2011Established 2nd factory in Incheon
    Installed Engineered stone line

4. Organizational Chart